Personalized Wine Glasses Are Funny And Make Great Ice Breakers

Personalized Wine Glasses Are Funny And Make Great Ice Breakers

September 02, 2019

Tired of trying to personalize the first name on your “Hi, my name is…” tag with smiley faces, stars or a weird stick figure horse? Ice breakers at workshops, office parties, birthdays and other social occasions are staler than old saltine crackers left in the back of the pantry.

Ice breakers may be old, but they’re the Old Faithful of getting to know folks. That doesn’t mean they have to be borrrring.

Another constant chillaxer in the “getting to know you, getting to know all about you — holy crap!” the world is wine. Some winos call themselves aficionados and others are proud to own the term lush.

Combine the powers of wine with personalized phrases and you have the perfect icebreakers.

  1. What Does “WINOS” Really Stand For?

Women In Need Of Sanity, that’s what.

Host a ladies’ night to find your sisterhood sanity among the insanity of everyday life. Form a regular monthly get-to-together with your girls and call it “Women in Need of Sanity.”

Use personalized wine glasses to specify the type of sanity you’re so desperately in need of but flip it with a double negative like:

  • “I don’t need no more shenanigans.”
  • ”I don’t need no more money.”
  • “I don’t need no more vacations.”
  • “I don’t need no more girlfriendz.”

Put a little urban sass on it. Make lemonade out of those lemons. Remember: You’re bottleful, aged to perfection and full-bodied. It’s okay if you’re a little tart, too. Own it on funny etched wine glasses.

  1. Who’s Queen of This Party?

Her Wineness, of course. What kind of Queen (or King) are you? Drama Queen? Evil Queen? Queen Bee? Faerie Queen?

 Boss Queen? Her Sassiness? Everyone can be Queen of the party with personalized wine glasses. A funny saying on wine glasses unique to your inner Queen is the best way for every kind Queen to get along.

3. Excuse You, What Did You Say?

I’m Not Slurring My Words, I’m Speaking In Cursive, duh. People say that there are some things you should just keep to yourself for fear of other people’s opinions. Why not whine with some wine?

Some days, you just have to have to release the expletives either aloud or more subtly with strategically positioned objects of offense. It feels pretty satisfying to get it ALL out of your system, whether that’s deftly printed on a very graphic t-shirt or on funny etched wine glasses.

 After all, “fuck” is versatile: it can be a verb, noun, and an adjective. Just saying.

Curses don’t have to include “crude” words, but a good ”Screw you” does look rather dashing in cursive, don’t you think? Try these phrases out:

  • Good REDdance!
  • Was It Something I Red?
  • Get The Rosé Outta Here!
  • Shut Your Blanc Mouth!
  • Take A Short Walk Off A Long Blanc.
  • That’s Such A Cork And Bull Story!

Funky wine glasses that say what they mean to break the ice and quickly relieve a day filled with stress. Add humor to shift the tension of a hard day or stale party with funny wine glasses.

  1. Do You Lose Your Mind, Without Wine?

    Sip Me Baby, One More Time. I moscato confess: it’s killing me. Use twists on phrases, poems or lyrics to represent the next level drama bullcrap you’d rather do without in life or move on from.
  • “Chardonnay Or Should I Go Now?”
  • “I’m So Bottleful to Me.”
  • ”I’m Fed Up! Time to Red Up!”
  • ”On Cloud Wine.”
  • ”Sip Happens.”

 Sure, sip happens, but there’s always wine when you can’t rewind the day. Just re-wine, especially when you’re at an awkward get-to-together where you have to actually socialize. Yikes.

Use personalized wine glasses to break the ice. You can find all kinds of unique wine glasses for sale these days or customize your own funny etched wine glasses. Break the ice and share more of yourself in the process.

Image: Pexels