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4 Great Occasions To Buy Funny Wine Glasses

August 15, 2019

Ready to unwind with some wine? We all have those days, but you can make the day extra special by celebrating, whether your win is big or small.

Sometimes, that also just means taking a day for yourself with friends. Find your moment to celebrate and laugh with these examples of four great occasions to buy funny wine glasses:

Girls’ At-Home Spa Day

When was the last time the girls got together for an at-home spa day? Life gets busy, but friends need to make time for each other — and their tired feet. Rent your favorite girls’ night out movies for your girls’ night in, and live vicariously through their misadventures while you get your relaxation on. Stop by the grocery store for a few essential recipes for snacks and face masks, and don’t forget those few bottles of wine. It’s a great opportunity to buy funny engraved wine glasses: de-stress and sass with class!

Ring in the Holidays

As fall approaches, so do the holidays. Everyone is gearing up to shop for loved ones and stock up in time to have loved ones over. As you create meal plans for the holidays, don’t forget you’ll need all the wine to balance out the chaos that happens during this time.

What will you drink to forget? Maybe it’s: “I drink to forget Aunt Shirley’s attempt at opera,” or “I drink to forget the fact that we haven’t colonized Mars, yet.” But in the end, we know you’ll be happy to say: “I toast to acknowledge how thankful I am for my loved ones,” or ”I toast to acknowledge how blessed I am for my success and my ability to give to others.”

Mulled wine is perfect for the holidays, and when its poured into a wine glass with a funny saying — even better. Besides, if you need to dispel the tension, a few funny etched wine glasses will do the trick.

Break the Ice at Office Parties

You keep to your cubicles and occasionally complain to each other, but now, a  Social Committee has been formed to encourage employee interaction. Good news: you’re on it!

Office parties always feel a little weird and stilted. So, encourage the committee to buy funny wine glasses as a way to break the ice. Funny engraved wine glasses are the perfect conversation starters, and you can match the saying to the sense of humor of each colleague.

Cheer For Their Birthday

After certain milestones, you start wondering what there is to getting older. Some people start dreading their birthdays, but it’s always good to celebrate another good year with good friends and wine!

“Over the hill” funny engraved wine glasses may prove a little too serious for those feeling the dread. However, “over the hill” is all about success, too! If your birthday friend thinks “NOT,” then consider ordering personalized wine glasses, funny ones still — of course! Humor can make you laugh without being over the top.

Make sangria to add a dash of festive flair, with fruit juice, fresh fruit, and red wine! The sassy wine glasses will do the rest.

No matter how awkward life seems at the moment, there’s always something to celebrate in the moment. So, make the most of it, and check out our funny wine glasses for sale

 Image: Pexels