Funky Wine Glasses Make Drinking Wine More Fun

Funky Wine Glasses Make Drinking Wine More Fun

September 26, 2019

Wine is a serious endeavor, involving a sophisticated palate and nuanced appreciation of the fermentation process - Nah, we’re totally kidding! Here at Lushy Wino, we think wine is all about good times, pure and simple. Here are some of the ways that we think our funny etched wine glasses can make drinking wine even more fun.

  • They Can Cheer You Up After A Long Day

You didn’t get that promotion at work, traffic was an absolute nightmare on the way home, and you had not one but two meetings with a glob of mustard on your face. It’s been a stressful day, and you’re really looking forward to having a glass (okay, several glasses) of Merlot to unwind. If wine can make a bad day better, wine in a funny glass can make it even more hilarious. We suggest taking your Hakuna Moscato wine tumbler into the tub with you to let your troubles float away. Or let your wine glass show a little sympathy - everybody makes “pour” decisions sometimes!

  • They Make Parties More Memorable

You’ve got everything ready for a historic party with your best friends. The pizza is on its way, you’ve made a playlist of all your favorite songs, and you’ve got plenty of white, red and rosé for your guests to choose from. Why not go the extra mile to make your party even more memorable by having some funky engraved wine glasses to go with your party decorations? Your friends will be talking for years about your legendary party with the funny wine glasses and that guy that ended up on the roof.

  • They’re Extremely Decorative

Where do most people buy wine glasses? Crate & Barrel and… that’s about it? (No offense, Crate & Barrel, we love you!) The point is when everyone shops at the same store, everyone’s home starts to look the same after a while. Stand out from the rest with a set of funky wine glasses. Your friends will ask where you got such great taste (tell ‘em where you bought ‘em, we won’t mind!) and you’ll have the most Instagrammable glasses in your social circle. We even recommend matching your dishes and silverware to your Lushy Wino glasses.

  • Reading While Drinking Makes You S-M-R-T

Who doesn’t get a little philosophical once they’ve had a drink or two? Our etched wine glasses aren’t just funny, they can lead to some pretty deep thoughts too. For example, Love The Wine You’re With will have you wondering about the nature of love… like who is this generation’s greatest couple, Beyoncé and Jay-Z or Kim and Kanye? (Is your mind blown?) Pretty soon, you won’t just be Speaking in Cursive, you’ll be thinking about it, too! Hot tip: reading the funny sayings on your wine glass also works as a sobriety guide - when the words start to get blurry, have just four or five more sips, then stop for the night.

  • You Can Take Your Wine To Go

Sometimes you’d like to take your wine to the lake, or the beach, or maybe even the top of a Ferris wheel, but you think “Yikes, the logistics are a nightmare.” Wine glasses can break when traveling, and wine can be spilled, and you never ever want to waste a drop of delicious wine. That’s why a sturdy engraved wine tumbler can make drinking wine more fun and more portable at the same time. Where the wine goes, the party goes, so take your wine wherever you want and have tons of fun (within reason, of course – we can’t bail you out of jail!)

You probably didn’t think wine could be any more fun than it is, but we’ve hopefully shown you a few reasons why it can. With our funky etched wine glasses and tumblers, you’ll turn a good time into a hysterically good time. So, go ahead – pour a glass and have some fun. You deserve it!

Image: Unsplash